Spring 2011 Issue



Brothers In Law

In the U.S. Senate and the Utah Supreme Court, Mike and Tom Lee carry on the legal legacy of their father, Rex Lee.



His nickname, Jimmer, stuck like velcro. Now, everybody knows his name. And his game.


Seeing BYU

Through a camera’s lens, Mark Philbrick has witnessed more than three decades of university history.


What Is Your Calling in Life?

As you discover and nurture your spiritual gifts, God will lead you to your life’s work to benefit of his children.


First Person

Join the Club

BYU alumni recount experiences with on-campus clubs, from marching in parades to scaling cliffs in Rock Canyon.

BYU Today

BYU Today

Game On, Girls

Girls’ mental and emotional health improves when they play video games with their parents.

BYU Today

Viral Art

Animation assistant professor Ryan J. Woodward explains animation as a form of fine art.

Alumni News

Out of the Blue

Book Nook