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Gordon B. Hinckley


True to the Faith

The principles outlined in the 13th article of faith should serve as a pattern for our lives.


The Great BYU Family

Graduates of BYU form a remarkable group of accomplished individuals with strong values and firm faith.


“My Dear Young Friends”

President Gordon B. Hinckley has been a wise counselor and steadfast friend for BYU and its students for over 50 years.


A Great and Distinguished Family

This article is an excerpt from President Hinckley’s address at the Worldwide Alumni Gathering on Temple Square.

Keep the Chain Unbroken
Spring 2000
President Hinkley shares his life experiences and golden nuggets of knowledge.
The Bright Star of BYU
Spring 1996
Hinkley delivered remarks at the public announcement of BYU’s capital campaign in 1996.