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Young Alumni Create Survival Guide

WHEN graduating seniors went to the Alumni House in April to get their caps and gowns, they received a gift as well. They were given the Gradguide 2002, a 70-page booklet providing information ranging from career networking and buying a car to having a successful marriage and staying out of debt.

Members of the newly formed Young Alumni organization spearheaded the effort to help new graduates get information that would help their postgraduate life. Young Alumni are defined as graduates who have been out of school 10 years or fewer.

“Many graduating seniors don’t know what the world is like after graduation,” says Devan R. Jensen, ’91, the project director and a religious studies editor at BYU. “This guide is designed to be a valuable aid that can help them know, for example, some networking opportunities available today as well as understand the need to prepare now for retirement. It also includes some of the benefits they qualify for as graduates.”

Barry K. Allred, ’00, designed the project, and he and other Young Alumni volunteers recruited professors from various disciplines to write articles. Other articles were written by Young Alumni and members of the Alumni Association staff.

info: Todd Hendricks,

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