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Voluminous Space

The Harold B. Lee Library is about 50 percent larger than it was before the underground addition. The library added 234,000 square feet, giving it a total of 689,000 square feet.

All of the older areas of the library have been renovated. Remodeling has eliminated the south entrance.

From north to south, the library is as long as two and one-half football fields.

Ninety-eight miles of shelving for books are housed in the library.

The libary can seat 4,600 students, or about 15 percent of the student body. When the first phase of the current libary was completed in 1961, it could accommodate 3,000 readers, or about 25 percent of the studdents at that time.

Patrons check out nearly 700,000 items each year.

During fall and winter semesters, more than 25,000 users enter the library daily.