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Out of the Blue

Upgraded Scenery

silhouette of man walking through water at sunset
Photo by Bryson R. Tibbitts

The art in the Wilkinson Student Center (WSC) made it feel “more like a church than a student center”—at least, according to a recent survey of students about the building. The feedback spurred a photo contest to spruce things up.

Students from every corner of campus submitted 681 photos in five categories; the winners will hang in the WSC—“a really positive step in getting student perspective into the building,” says Kyle J. Slaughter (MPA ’15), assistant dean of students. The contest will repeat annually.

Bryson R. Tibbitts (’20) won best student-life snap with this shot captured at Antelope Island last June. “Photography is half knowing what you’re doing and half being at the right place at the right time,” he says. “Life is the same way. None of us know completely what we’re doing. We just need to kinda know. The rest is just being where we should be, . . . doing what we should be doing.”