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Students Win Major Scholarships

In 1999 as in previous years, significant numbers of Cougar scholars garnered national awards for graduate and undergraduate study. A few winners were recognized in our summer issue; the remainder are noted below.

Eight BYU students received 1999 National Science Foundation Fellowships, putting BYU in a six-way tie for 24th place in the nation in the number of NSF fellowships received. The recipients, their fields, and their chosen graduate schools are as follows: Ivan Ashcraft (Sugar City, Idaho), electrical engineering, BYU; Benjamin Barrowes (Salt Lake City), electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Susan Eldredge (Wheat Ridge, Colo.), plant biotechnology, University of Minnesota; Jared Parker (Provo), chemical engineering, BYU; Shad Joseph Roundy (Provo), design/manufacturing, University of California at Berkeley; David Sims (Bakersfield, Calif.), economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Rachel Smith (El Paso, Texas), biochemistry, Yale University; and Alison Swindle (Provo), zoology, BYU.

Other noteworthy scholarship recipients include the following:

Brad Heitmann, a junior from Stanwood, Wash., received one of 50 State Farm Company Exceptional Student Fellowships.

Troy Madsen (Price, Utah) was awarded a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship and will attend medical school at Vanderbilt University.

Three BYU students received 1999 Medical Science Training Program Fellowships, which are awarded to students planning combined MD/PhD study. Nathan Bingham (Brentwood, Calif.) will attend Southwestern University, Duane Wesemann (Bountiful, Utah) will study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Ken Westover (Claremont, Calif.) has chosen to attend Stanford University.

Also, three BYU students received Oxford University scholarships for graduate study at Oxford’s Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies during the 1999–2000 academic year. They are Kent F. Schull(Waterbury, Conn.), Stuart S. Schulzke (Auburn, Calif.), and Ian Puente (Fair Oaks, Calif.).

Finally, four BYU students were named Humane Studies Fellows and received fellowships to support graduate study in the liberal arts. They are Seth Hansen (Draper, Utah), Tuan Samahon(Rockville, Md.), C. Eric Schulzke (Albany, Calif.), and Linsey Sommers (Salt Lake City).