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Students Give the BYU Experience a Thumbs Up

A national survey recently reported that BYU ranked significantly higher than comparable universities in all 22 survey areas concerning the personal gains students felt they were making at the university.

The College Student Experiences Questionnaire compared BYU students’ responses to those received by other universities. The findings indicated that BYU students are much more satisfied with their university experience; 43 percent scored in the highest possible satisfaction index compared with only 22 percent nationally. Receiving significantly high ratings were the number of writing experiences provided; personal relevance and practical value of courses; and the amount of art, music, and theatrical activities available.

The survey also summarizes the significant differences in personal living at BYU. Most students are older, in the 23 to 27 age group, and are twice as likely to be married.

On average, BYU students study more, resulting in a 10 percent variation above the national average of students studying over 40 hours per week. Additionally, the percentage of BYU students working over 20 hours a week nearly doubles the national average.

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