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Staying Connected

9:13 AM

Dorm LIfe

COLLEGE CAN BE HARD WORK, and by mid-week, Jacob H. Cook (’09) needed a break between 8 AM chemistry and noon calculus. So the mechanical engineering major from Colorado plopped down in his dorm room for a few minutes of Starcraft.


While he mostly uses his laptop for school, Cook also powers up for music, movies, and e-mail. And sometimes he unhooks from his high-speed dorm connection and accesses the Web on campus. BYU has been named one of the 50 most wired colleges by Yahoo! Internet Life, and progress is in the air. In addition to thousands of wiMobile Phonered ports, many buildings offer wireless access. The 68 percent of students who own computers have little trouble getting online.


Most students carry at least one portable gadget—be it laptop, cell phone, PDA, or music player. Linne Frame (’07), from Fallbrook, Calif., often connects wirelessly with her laptop. At noon on Sept. 22, however, she had closed her laptop and opened her phone to find her roommates for lunch.

Of course, cell phones aren’t only for communication. Before class, Melissa S. Zollinger (’05) played Bounce on her phone, finally passing the second needle. On campus today, electronic accessories are as common as blue jeans and backpacks.

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