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SAN International: A Home Away from Home

Students at a Muslim Celebration

Students gather for a traditional Muslim celebration of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. Activities sponsored by the student Alumni Network help international students at BYU to make interpersonal connections.

MORE than 300 students celebrated All Souls’ Day November 3 at an event designed for students and returned missionaries from Mexico. It was the first event of Student Alumni Network (SAN) International, a new alumni program designed to build connections among international students and to provide leadership opportunities that will serve them and BYU after graduation.

“We want our international students to feel comfortable while they are with us, and I hope they will consider the Alumni House a home away from home,” says Reid A. Robison, ’75, manager of alumni activities.

SAN International is divided into several country committees. While SAN provides resources and training, the committees plan and implement the events.

For All Soul’s Day the Mexico committee brought in a disc jockey who dressed in a red velvet Mexican suit, announced all the songs in Spanish, and even sang a few songs himself.

On Nov. 30 SAN International celebrated Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, with a Halal dinner (food prepared according to Islamic beliefs). Speakers discussed the Five Pillars of Islam.

“From my perspective, SAN can provide a vital connection with our international students,” says Naomi Frandsen, ’02, the SAN volunteer in charge of SAN International. “If the world is our campus, then maybe we need to help the campus be their world.”

SAN International is funded by the Annual Fund, Alumni Association, and SAN. It works in conjunction with other international campus organizations.

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