Cosmo Flips
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BYU's mascot Cosmo Cougar is captured up in the air, halfway through a series of three consecutive flips, centered in the field goal posts above the crowd at the BYU-Baylor football game.
Photo by Jaren Wilkey

BYU fans may have thought they’d seen all of Cosmo’s tricks.

But this spirited blur of fur has recently added to his repertoire, catching rare air with a triple backflip (above), parachuting into the stadium, jumping through a ring of fire, and rolling down the south stadium bleachers inside a giant inflated bowling ball.

His most athletic feat may have been during the Utah State football game, when he propelled himself with powerful push-ups from the ground up through triple-stacked church tables, leading Sports Illustrated to tweet, “BYU’s mascot is on another level.” By December he was up to five tables.

Not bad for a cougar who turns 70 in October.

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