Image of a family looking at a large Provo mural of musicians.
Photo by Bradley Slade

“I wanted to represent a range of different people and instruments,” says Ainsley R. Romero (BA ’19) of the funky musicians she painted on the wall of June Audio Recording Studios in downtown Provo. She based the 17-foot-tall mural on shapes and patterns and used only four colors. “The more abstract [a mural] is, the more people can create their own meaning for it.”

Of the more than 40 murals that grace the walls of Provo’s buildings, parks, and underpasses, at least 16 were created by BYU student or alumni artists. The varied artworks bring together the artists’ styles—abstract, mixed media, lettering—and the spirit of the businesses and residents of Utah Valley.

Murals with BYU Connections

Want to see Provo’s murals for yourself? Consult this online map created by Downtown Provo, a nonprofit that supports the local businesses and community. The following murals along the route were created by BYU students and alumni (the numbers are based on the online map):

• #2 Provo Bicycle Collective mural by former graphic design student George R. Patterson (’08).

• #3–6 Tute Genomics pixel murals designed by alum and adjunct faculty member Reid Robison (BS ’01).

• #10 Maeser Park wall by graphic design alum Alexandria E. Vaughn (BFA ’13).

• #15 “Lars Wall” by DIY and design blogger (The House that Lars Built) Brittany Watson Jepsen (BA ’06).

• #19 Chom Burger wall mural created by BYU student chapter of American Institute of Graphic Arts.

• #20 “This is Our Home” mural by BYU graphic design class

• #21 Startup Building mural by alum Megan Mitchel Arné (BFA ’18).

• #23 “Faces of Provo” was designed by McKay Lenker Bayer (BA ’18) and painted by the community in collaboration with the Neighborhood Art Center, a nonprofit headed by Tallia C. Feltis (BS ’09).

• #25 “Lars Color” mural by DIY and design blogger (The House that Lars Built) Brittany Watson Jepsen (BA ’06).

• #27 “One Time in Provo” mural by graphic design alum Alexandria E. Vaughn (BFA ’13).

• #30 Shapes mural by graphic design alum Alexandria E. Vaughn (BFA ’13).

• #32 Musicians mural by graphic design alum Ainsley Romero (BA ’19).

• #33 Bug mural by BYU graphic design class.

• #39 Color block wall by alum and adjunct faculty member Reid Robison (BS ’01).

Did we miss any murals with BYU ties? Let us know! Email us at

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