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Preparing Tomorrow’s Students

MORE than 80,000 members of the Church of Jesus Christ in the United States and Canada turn 18 each year, and tens of thousands of them are interested in attending BYU or other Church schools. The High School and College Relations Office provides these youths and their parents with current and accurate information to make informed decisions.

The office’s area coordinators, assigned by geographic region, assist prospective students as they prepare for college. In addition to working directly with students, coordinators train high school counselors, seminary principals, and other student advisors.

“Our purpose is to encourage LDS students to further their education after high school by participating in one of the five entities within the Church Educational System—BYUBYU—Hawaii, BYU—Idaho, LDS Business College, and the institutes of religion,” says R. Kirk Strong, ’78, director of the High School and College Relations Office. “If a student is interested in BYU, we assist them in preparing and applying to the university.”

Each year representatives from the five entities present educational conferences throughout the United States and Canada. “We strive to help students understand at an early age how they can personally prepare for their post–high school education. The conferences are designed to help students in grades 9 through 12 and their parents become aware of the options available. In one hour they are provided specific information relative to BYU and all CES schools,” says Derek Spriggs, ’71, the office’s associate director.

The office’s staff members also host prospective students and their families for campus visits.

info: To set up a campus visit, call 801-378-4431. To speak with an area coordinator, call 801-378-5000 or send e-mail to Information is also available online