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Since BYU’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program began in 1997, hundreds of students have worked as on-campus EMTs to get the clinical exposure and quick-thinking skills medical schools look for. “As an EMT, you get to make decisions about your patients on-scene,” says Samuel W. McKnight (’01), BYU’s EMS director. “You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.” Thirty-seven of the 50 current EMTs have med-school aspirations, including Kfir Orgad (’10), left, and Taylor R. McClellan (’11), right, and all EMT students who applied to med school this year have been accepted.

25 BYU EMTs have gone on to medical school since 2005.

26 BYU EMTs have been admitted to paramedic, nursing, and physician’s assistant programs since 2005.

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