125 years ago: Benjamin Cluff Jr. initiates a math club in 1885 to boost The Ystudent interest in the subject. Club members would practice principles of accounting, engineering, and surveying.

100 years ago: Workers begin adding serifs to the Y on the mountain above campus, creating the familiar block-Y shape.

 years ago: In an effort to improve school spirit, the student body government prints and distributes 1,000 copies of the College Song, the Pep Song, and several school yells.

5The Jesse Knight Building0 years ago: Named for a famed BYU benefactor, the Jesse Knight Building is completed and dedicated in 1960. The 78,687-square-foot structure would house the College of Commerce and provide office space for faculty.

Sharlene Wells Miss America25 years ago: BYU student Sharlene Wells (BA ’88) serves as Miss America 1985 after winning the title in September 1984. During her year as Miss America, she traveled nearly a quarter-million miles.

10 years ago: BYUTV is launched on Dish Network, bringing devotionals, general conference, BYU athletics, and various family programs to 3.4 million viewers across the United States.

5 years ago: Renowned BYU professor emeritus of ancient scripture Hugh W. Nibley passes away of natural causes at age 94.

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