Taysom Hill leaps defender
Photography by Jonathan D. Hardy (BS ’14)

Having lunged past 10 Longhorns, Taysom S. Hill (’16) surveyed the safety: “I figured rather than try to juke him, I’d just jump over him.” Hill cleared the diving defender, then ambled into the end zone.

With statement road wins over UConn and Texas and a solid home victory over Houston, BYU rose to 21 in the AP poll and its mobile QB has jumped over, around, and through defenses and into the Heisman discussion.

After the 41-7 Texas rout, Steve Young (BA ’84, JD ’94) gushed about Hill on EPSN: “He can do the jackhammer one play and then play the violin the next.” Bronco Mendenhall adds, “Ultimately Taysom Hill is a phenomenal player. . . . There are just some sheer athleticism things that aren’t coachable.”

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