Leadership can no more be taught than creativity or how to be a genius. The Generalstab tried desperately for 100 years to train up a generation of leaders for the German army, but it never worked, because the men who delighted their superiors, i.e., the managers, got the high commands, while the men who delighted the lower ranks, i.e., the leaders, got reprimands. Leaders are movers and shakers, original, inventive, unpredictable, imaginative, full of surprises that discomfit the enemy in war and the main office in peace. For managers are safe, conservative, predictable, conforming organization men and team players, dedicated to the establishment.

—Hugh Nibley, Commencement Address, Aug. 19, 1983

MORE: The full text of this address is available at speeches.byu.edu/devo/NIBLEY83.html.
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