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In Sum

Game-Time Sustenance

542 CALORIES are in a Cougar Tail—a 16-inch-long maple-topped pastry, the equivalent of four maple bars. On average, 2,300 Cougar Tails are consumed at a game.

1/3 POUND BRATWURST is in each Brat-Tail, a popular concession made by putting a brat on half of a Cougar Tail, hot-dog style. “It’s like eating breakfast, with the sausage and maple,” says concessions manager Aaron R. Black. It’s one of 95 different edibles available at the stadium.

1,203 GALLONS of hot chocolate are sold to dedicated, freezing fans at a cold game—like the 33-degree-Fahrenheit 2011 New Mexico State game, the coldest game last season.

Painting the Yards

4–6 CREW MEMBERS and a field manager work two full days to prepare the field for each home football game.

100–120 GALLONS of white paint are used to mark the field for each game. The blue paint is used less often because it’s harder on the grass.

2 COATS of paint are applied everywhere—including the Y, which is 60 feet wide and 40 feet tall. For the 4-inch-wide lines, the crew paints over a rope stretched tightly across the field. Stencils are used for the numbers and end zones.