$1.3 million

Amount of grant given to BYU’s mathematics department by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the department’s new undergraduate mentoring program


Professors from 87 universities in 35 states who have expressed interest in learning how BYU’s math department has used mentoring to help its students engage in meaningful research


Amount awarded to B. Tyler Tiberius (’07) for his patented paintball gun in the Student Entrepreneur of the Year contest


Miles traveled by Alwi Shihab, former Indonesian minister of foreign affairs, to address students in an October 2006 BYU forum


Amount awarded to BYU’s IDeA Lab (Information and Decision Algorithm Laboratories) by the NSF


Students who received the daily $100 giveaway in celebration of the Bookstore’s 100th birthday in 2006


Cupcakes given away to celebrate the Bookstore’s 100th birthday


Hershey bars sold for 5 cents during one of the Bookstore’s 100th anniversary sales

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