Flex Time, Family Time

38 hours per week is the tipping point at which 25 percent of employees—a portion significant for policy makers—begin reporting that work interferes with personal and family life, according to a recent study by family life professor E. Jeffrey Hill (BA ’77).

57 hours per week is the tipping point for 25 percent of employees with flexible schedules and the option to telecommute. Hill’s study looked at data from more than 24,000 individuals spread among 75 countries and employed by a global technology company.

80-plus percent of the company’s managers say productivity increases in a flexible work environment.

1,960 miles separated Hill in Logan, Utah, and his coworkers in IBM’s New York headquarters when Hill was a pioneering telecommuter for IBM. He telecommuted for eight years; before long the majority of his department was telecommuting.

Jolly Good Fellows

16 BYU students received National Science Foundation (NSF) postgraduate fellowships in 2010, the most BYU has ever received.

$1.96 million in NSF funds is available to the 16 BYU fellows ($122,500 each) during their three-year fellowships.

4 fellowship recipients plan to go to MIT, the school that will receive the most BYU fellows.

390 universities (approximately) boast recipients of 2010 NSF fellowships; only 31 received more than BYU.

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