Travis Bright ('09)

Travis Bright (’09)

Whole Lotta’ O-Line

326.4 pounds is the average weight posted by BYU’s starting offensive linemen

3 inches taller than the average height of the basketball team, the starting O-line average is 6’6″, with David Oswald (’09) at 6’8″

540 pounds of weights bench-pressed by right guard Travis Bright (’09) this spring to set a new BYU weight room record

1,632 pounds: the combined weight of the five starting offensive linemen

1,620 pounds: the combined weight of the 10-member men’s tennis team

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday

4-day workweek, a growing trend researched recently by BYU public management assistant professors Rex L. Facer (BA ’91) and Lori L. Wadsworth (BS ’82)

78.5 percent of employees reported a positive experience with the four-day work schedule in Facer and Wadsworth’s study

$3 million projected to be saved annually by the state of Utah as a result of the four-day workweek instituted by Governor Jon Huntsman for most state employees

47 media stories featured Facer and Wadsworth’s study within a two-month time span

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