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Alumni Report

Homecoming ’09 Reunions

Between touring campus, eating at the Creamery on Ninth, and watching the football game, you can touch bases with the people who made your BYU experience memorable. The groups listed here will hold reunions the weekend of Oct. 23–24.

Class of ’49 (60 years)

Class of ’59 (50 years)

Classes of ’84–’89 (20–25 years)

ASBYU ’78–’79 (30 years)

Master of Accounting ’79 â€¨(30 years)

Cheer Squad ’84 (25 years)

Cheer Squad

Collegiate Development Union

¨Electrical and Computer ¨Engineering

Former Student Officer Society

¨Master of Organizational¨Behavior

Young Ambassadors

Info: Visit alumni.byu.edu/reunions or contact Julie Hatchett at 801-422-4233 or julie_hatchett@byu.edu.