Plexus 29 rainbow thread art installation at the BYU Museum of art
Photo by Bradley Slade

Eighty miles of bright sewing thread now streams across the lobby of BYU’s Museum of Art. Sunlight filters through from the window overhead, giving the color spectrum an ethereal glow. Plexus No. 29, one of a series of similar installations found across the United States and Europe, was created by mixed-media artist Gabriel Dawe. “Plexus means network of vessels or nerve endings in the body,” explains Dawe, who designed this installation to fit the museum’s entryway, where it will remain for two years. The threads shoot between the ceiling and the wall, each individually attached with a series of hooks. While the threads lie in straight lines side by side, the color twists the work into a new shape from every vantage point. “The curves you see are made up by your eye,” says Dawe. “When you move around the pieces they become alive and they change.”

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