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Expanding BYU’s Business Horizon

The BYU Board of Trustees has approved an addition to the N. Eldon Tanner Building. Originally completed in 1983, the building is home to the Marriott School of Management and its nearly 3,000 students. “We are bulging at the seams,” says Ned C. Hill, dean of the school. “Our overarching aim with the expansion is to more effectively educate leaders who will infuse organizations with the influence of our faith and values throughout the world.” Preliminary plans include case-study classrooms, team-study rooms, other student-support facilities, a large meeting space, and offices. The board stipulated that, like the original building, the expansion is to be paid for with donated funds. The Marriott School’s National Advisory Council (NAC) is responsible for funding the estimated $35 million cost, and construction is projected to begin in early 2007.

See renderings and a flythrough of the new addition.