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Dorm Food with Ambiance

Fa08_3305The newly built Commons at the Cannon Center, located just east of Helaman Halls’ old Cannon Center, has redefined cafeteria food. The new facility opened this summer with 24 new menu items, five open-view kitchens, and seven eating “neighborhoods,” each cast with appetizing colors and natural lighting. But the Commons doesn’t just serve tasty victuals, it’s eco-friendly as well: the facility sports impressively efficient appliances, left-over cooking oil goes to BYU labs for bio-fuel research, and food scraps are processed and used in fertilizer on BYU grounds. “We want to nourish campus,” says Dining Services director Dean A. Wright (BA ’74). The old Cannon Center is being torn down.

9 new international items like fresh naan bread from the Tandoori oven

15,000 pounds of pulp made from ground-up scraps sent for use in campus fertilizer each month

1,000 people can be served each hour—300 more than the old center

2,700 gallons of used oil sent to BYU engineering labs each month