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Dating Not Outdated at BYU

Su08_3175Daniel D. Honey (’09) introduces himself at a BYU-hosted speed dating event in May. Speed dating aside, BYU students go on more dates in one month than most students at other universities go on in four years, according to Bruce A. Chadwick (’62), emeritus professor of sociology. Prompted by a study that found that dating has all but disappeared from American college campuses, Chadwick, along with religion professor Brent L. Top (BA ’76) and business associate professor Richard J. McClendon (BS ’87), took a closer look at BYU. “Hanging out takes the place of some dating,” Chadwick concludes in the study. “But hanging out has not replaced dating as it has at other universities.” Chadwick’s “A Survey of Dating and Marriage at BYU” was published in a recent issue of BYU Studies.

At least one date a week 35% 27%
At least one date a month 93% 83%
Felt they did not date enough 51% 63%
Hope to find their future spouse at college 68% 57%