Latino Crisis: Teacher education professor Bryant T. Jensen coedited the book Regarding Educación: Mexican-American Schooling, Immigration, and Bi-national Improvement. Jensen argues that improving schooling for Mexican-American students requires better integrating students’ cultural and linguistic assets and enhancing school quality in Mexico’s migrant-sending communities.

Engineering and Technology

Turbo Triumph: With a new method to address failures in turbo machinery, mechanical engineering student Braden J. Hancock (’15) placed first in the undergraduate division at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics International Student Conference in Dallas.

Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Anxiety and Autism: Children diagnosed with autism struggle to let go of outdated fears—and this rigid fearfulness is linked to the severity of classic symptoms of autism, says a new study by psychology professor Mikle South. The research was published in Autism Research.


Mikle South (right)

Fine Arts and Communications

Golden Ads: Thanks to a pitch by advertising professor Douglas R. McKinlay (BA ’68, MA ’69), L.A. Clippers CFO Ed Lamb drew upon five teams of BYU students to help increase the Clippers’ digital footprint around the country. One team won a gold American Advertising Federation of Utah ADDY for its work.

5091Kennedy Center

Shaped by Religion: University of Cambridge senior lecturer Andrew Preston, author of the David M. Kennedy Center’s Book of the Semester, Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy, spoke on campus in February. See the lecture at


New Center: The college has opened the new Humanities Center to foster the exchange of ideas between colleges on campus and other universities. English professor Matthew F. Wickman (BA ’92) directs the center, which sponsors events and promotes the work of BYU faculty. Next year the center will have 10 designated faculty fellows and three student fellows.

Law School

No-Hiring Plan: Professor Aaron Nielson wrote an op-ed for the National Law Journal critiquing the now-effectively defunct Federal Judges Law Clerk Hiring Plan, which attempted to set a date for when federal judges may interview and hire law clerks and, Nielson argues, ignored basic lessons from antitrust law. Read the op-ed at

David Bearss

David Bearss

Life Sciences

Why Chemo Doesn’t Work: People with a high expression of the gene NEK2 exhibit higher resistance to drugs, including chemotherapy, says a study coauthored by biology professor David J. Bearss (BS ’94) and published in Cancer Cell. Methods to silence NEK2 may be able to restore drug sensitivity.

Marriott School

First in Analytics: Competing against 160 teams, BYU MBA students Jared R. Ferguson (BS ’07, MBA ’13), Tyler J. Ruby (BA ’05, MBA ’13), and D. Ryan Terry (BS ’09, MBA ’13) won the 2012 Adobe Digital Analytics Competition, in which they developed improvements for Comcast’s Xfinity TV website.


Hold the Salt: A new video campaign produced by faculty and students is helping people live healthier lives. The first video discusses the dangers of too much sodium. Learn ways to cut back on salt at

5093Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Tweeting Symptoms: In a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, computer science professor Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier (BS ’91, MS ’93, PhD ’94) and his students show that social media can be mined for insights about various health issues, and that the distribution of Twitter users correlates highly with the distribution of the U.S. population.

Religious Education

With Healing: The Religious Studies Center released a new book: With Healing in His Wings. Edited by ancient scripture professors Thomas A. Wayment and Camille Fronk Olson (MA ’86, PhD ’96), the book discusses the Savior’s life, mission, and influence in our lives.

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