Choice Trees

Favorites of Max L. Darrington (BS ’86), the university’s arborist, the following campus trees are well worth a closer look. Select any of the trees listed here to see a photograph, find its campus location, and read a description of the tree. (Much information for these tree descriptions came from this volume: Stanley L. Welsh, N. Duane Atwood, Sherel Goodrich, and Larry C. Higgins, eds., A Utah Flora (Provo: BYU, 2003).

American Elm
American Sycamore
Bald Cypress
Columnar White Oaks
Dawn Redwood
English Oak
Fremont Cottonwood
Weeping Beech
White Fir

BYU’s Grounds Department maintains an online tree tour with pictures, locations, and descriptions of more than 100 campus trees.

Trees for All Seasons Slide Show

Over the course of more than two years, Bradley H. Slade (BFA ’94) photographed campus trees, and only a few of the hundreds of photographs could be included in the summer 2006 issue of BYU Magazine. This four-minute slide show includes those printed in the magazine as well as about 40 more.

Small (320×240): 9.6 MB TreeSmall

Medium (480×360): 15.7 MB  TreeMedium

Large (640×480): 26.8 MB  TreeBig

These are large files that could take a while to load, depending on your Internet connection. The slide show is in QuickTime format. If you do not have QuickTime, please click here ( to download the free version of QuickTime.

Audio: “Simple Gifts,” from the album Kingsfold, by Lawrence Green, a part-time teacher in the BYU School of Music. Click here to buy or learn more about this CD.


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