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“Two years is a long time to mature and really figure out who I am. This is a big bonus.” Nick Emery (’19), two-time Utah high school basketball player of the year and a new BYU recruit, in the Huffington Post. Emery is among the first BYU athletes to defer his collegiate career to serve a mission at age 18. Called to the Germany Frankfurt Mission, he entered the Missionary Training Center May 1.

“Do you know what it says when you walk around campus with a rook on your letterman’s jacket? ‘Don’t mess with me, pal. Checkmate.’ ” James D. Gordon III (BA ’77), assistant to the president for Planning and Assessment, joking in his campus devotional, where he encouraged students to take advantage of unique opportunities—just as he did as a member of the high school chess club. “When you look back on your education here, these activities will have special meaning,” he said.

“I bet it tastes like winning.” Joshua J. Dance (BS ’12) posting on BYU’s Facebook page about the Creamery’s newest flavor, named after a Cougar basketball fan cheer. “Whoosh, Cecil!” is chocolate ice cream swirled with salted caramel and crunchy cashews—favorite treats of BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson.

“It had a claw at the end of the tail. It might have been a nightmare.” Geology professor Brooks B. Britt (BS ’82, MS ’87)on NPR’s nationally broadcasted Science Friday describing one of his most interesting discoveries in Utah: the bones of a “crazy looking” ­drepanosaur from the Triassic Period with the head of a bird, the arms and shoulders of a mole, and “an elongated neck that we think may have folded itself up like a Z.”

“Above all, make time for Christ.” Elder L. Tom Perry, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, addressing the graduating class of 2013 at spring commencement exercises. He counseled parents to avoid “technological retirement” and to stay in contact, electronic and otherwise, with their adult children.