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Brimhall Essay Contest Winners Announced

A junior from Boise, Idaho, majoring in English earned first prize and $1,000 in the annual George H. Brimhall Memorial Essay Contest. Daniel K. Westover received his award for the essay “Of Hands and Bicycles.”

Each year prior to Homecoming the BYU Alumni Association, with the support of the George H. Brimhall family, sponsors the contest. The memorial essay reflects the theme of Homecoming–this year “Light on a Hill”–and honors a founder or past president of the university. For 1999 the honoree was former BYU president Ernest L. Wilkinson.

Second prize, with an award of $750, was given to Seth Corwin Lewis, a senior journalism major from Gresham, Ore. His essay was entitled “A Conversation with Ernest L. Wilkinson.” Third prize, with its $500 award, went to Marilyn Nelson, a sophomore from Provo seeking a double major in music and home and family. Her essay was “Reflections on Reflection: The Physics of Being a Light on a Hill.”

Two received honorable mention awards of $300 each. They are Rixa Ann Spencer Freeze, a senior American studies major from Rochester, Minn., who won for “Working,” and Ben Harman, a senior computer science major from Gilbert, Ariz., with the essay “Wet Grass.”

The contest winners were honored at a luncheon on Oct. 5.