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5 Hikes Within 5 Minutes of Campus

1. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The trail will one day run 280 miles from Idaho to Nephi, Utah.

Distance: 24 miles in the stretch from Provo Canyon to Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, Utah

Difficulty: Easy

From BYU: Head east from BYU to the foothills to pick up the unmarked trail, which runs north and south.

2. Provo River Parkway

This paved trail passes several parks and Bridal Veil Falls.

Distance: 13 miles in the stretch from Utah Lake to Bridal Veil

Difficulty: Easy

From BYU: Pick up the trail at the intersection of University Avenue and 2230 North.

3. Y Mountain

No U.S. college has a letter larger than the Y on Y Mountain.

Distance: Roundtrip, 2.4 miles to the Y, 7.5 miles to the summit

Difficulty: Moderate

From BYU: From 900 East, turn east on 820 North. Turn right onto Oakcliff Drive, then right again onto Terrace Drive.

4. Squaw Peak Trail

The sharply projecting Squaw Peak offers panoramic views.

Distance: 6 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

From BYU: From 900 East, turn east on North Temple Drive and follow it to the Rock Canyon trailhead. Fork north off the Rock Canyon trail at the Squaw Peak trail sign.

5. Slate Canyon to Slide Canyon

This less-traveled, thigh-busting trail wraps around Maple Mountain.

Distance: 8.4 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

From BYU: Begin at the Y Mountain trailhead. Instead of taking the Y trail, take the Bonneville Shoreline Trail south. Fork left into Slate Canyon (canyon is not marked).

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