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2010-11 Faculty Retirees

BYU bids adieu to the following faculty retirees, who are listed here with their respective disciplines and years spent as faculty at BYU. 

Armstrong, Gerald M. (BS ’63), mathematics education, 41

Barlow, Sally H., psychology, 33

Barrios, Pamela C., university libraries, 20

Campbell, J. Olin, instructional psychology and technology, 8

Carter, Perry W., Jr. (BS ’73), technology, 31

Cates, Rex G., biology, 26

Christiansen, Henry N., civil and environmental engineering, 46

Cluff, Russell M. (BA ’72), Spanish and Portuguese, 28

Comer, Donald T., electrical and computer engineering, 16

Decoo, Wilfried L. (PhD ’74), French, 12

Fox, C. Jay (BA ’65), English, 31

Garr, Arnold K. (PhD ’86), Church history and doctrine, 20

Gibson, Stephen W. (BA ’66), business management, 10

Graham, C. Ray (BA ’67), Spanish and Portuguese, teacher education, 31

Gray, Campbell B., Museum of Art, 15

Hansen, Kathleen L. (BS ’71), university libraries, 40

Hull, Richard D. (BFA ’87), visual arts, 24

Jacobs, James S., teacher education, 35

Jensen, Richard D. (BS ’71), university libraries, 35

Johansen, Kathleen Done (BS ’71), university libraries, 25

Knight, Kenneth L., exercise sciences, 15

Kohkonen, Kent E. (BS ’68), technology, 41

Livingstone, Donald H. (BS ’66), finance, 17

Ludlow, Victor L. (BA ’68), ancient scripture, 39

Nadauld, Stephen D. (BA ’67), finance, 14

Ogden, Lynn V., nutrition, dietetics, and food science, 27

Paulsen, David L. (BS ’61), philosophy, 38

Paxman, David B. (BA ’71), English, 23

Reynolds, Noel B. (BA ’67), political science, 41

Rhodes, Michael D. (BA ’70), ancient scripture, 14

Rowley, Richard L. (BS ’74), chemical engineering, 27

Russell, Robert A., Japanese, 29

Seegmiller, Robert E., physiology and developmental biology, 39

Shively, Ann Pye, Counseling and Career Center, 20

Thayer, Douglas H. (BA ’55), English, 54

Tuttle, Marie (BS ’69), teacher education, 35

Ward, G. Robert, student life, 30

Williams, Ellen Johnson (EdD ’91), educational leadership and foundations, 11

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