Ann’s Unexpected Journey

A quiet peacemaker by nature, Ann Romney has found her voice on a national stage, fighting for the causes she believes in.


Failing Successfully

Fear of failure should not keep us from trying new and hard things in our quest for perfection.


A Monumental Task

An epic effort is underway to protect a Jordanian monument from flash floods, seeping water, and sandblasting wind.


A Flight to Remember

BYU’s College of Nursing adopted 17 war heroes to better train students in veteran care.

Aspiring Authors

The English Department launched a new creative-writing minor with tracks for both English and non-English majors.

Finding Feelings

At age 4 children begin to recognize complex emotions like pride and discouragement, according to new research from psychology professor Ross A. Flom.

Supreme Clerk

Professor Aaron L. Nielson recently returned from a one-year U.S. Supreme Court clerkship with Justice Samuel Alito.

Mangums’ Night

Tanner C. Mangum’s (’18) Hail Mary in the season opener was ESPN Sports Center’s no. 1 play of the day. The no. 2 play that day: a one-handed touchdown catch made by Mangum’s older brother Madison for Idaho State.

First Person

Tales from the Cougareat

Waiting in line or between bites of lunch, students make memories in campus’s food hub.

Family Focus

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Learning a second language can boost a child’s brain and confidence.

At the Y

In Pursuit of Holo-Fame

Inspired by sci-fi, BYU professor Daniel Smalley is making video holography a reality.

At the Y

Unleash the Drones

At midnight in the Wilkinson Student Center, the drones come out.

At the Y

Discovering Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, a BYUtv docudrama, will premiere Thanksgiving 2015 and be rebroadcast through the holidays.

Alumni News

A Place to Belong

Inspired by the support they received after learning their daughter had Down syndrome, Aubrey’s parents pay it forward.