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Winter 2010 Issue



Steadfast German Saints

BYU researchers uncover the suffering and faith of steadfast German Saints in the midst of World War II.


Accounting for Success

BYU’s accounting program has been ranked in the top three since 1995 because of its innovative curriculum.


First Person

Center of Fun

Readers share memories of BYU’s student center.

Family Focus

A Mosaic of Fathering

A study interviewed 36 single fathers about their experiences raising children on their own.


A Brand of Distinction

BYU alumni carry the university’s hefty brand promise 
as they represent BYU to the world.

BYU Today

BYU Today

Brotherly Love

Family lessons have taught Chris Miles that his time at BYU is about more than basketball.

BYU Today

The Best of 50 Years

Learn about some of the most popular pieces BYU Studies has published out of the 29,185 pages of literature and music.

BYU Today

Presidential Picture Book

BYU professor illustrated a picture book about President Barack Obama and his journey to the White House.

BYU Today

The Short List

Five things going on at BYU that you don’t want to miss.

BYU Today

Sugar + Weed Killer = Energy

Retired Chemistry professor Gerald Watt and his BYU colleagues have found a new way to generate electricity from sugar.

BYU Today

Dealing out Success

Freshman at BYU hasn't picked a major, but what he has done is started a successful game company.

BYU Today

Carpe Carp

There is trouble lurking beneath the surface of Utah Lake—an estimated 30 million pounds of trouble.

BYU Today

Provo in an Hour

A BYU illustration major paints 50 portraits in an hour, capturing the people of Provo.

BYU Today

Sniffing out Skunks

BYU professor helps the World Bank catch the bad guys and prevent fraud with his fraud-detection system.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

A Shinier Globe

BYU student volunteers spent more than two months volunteering in Peru, working construction and assisting at a school.

Out of the Blue

Promises to Keep

BYU football player O'Neill Chambers helped lead BYU to a victory against rival the University of Utah.

Out of the Blue


BYU’s optical telescope captured a stunning image of Omega Nebula, a cloud in the densest part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Alumni Report

Alumni Report

Cougar Networking

A club known for its elaborate themed parties in the 1980s tracked members down through Facebook for an epic reunion.

Alumni Report

Advertising Success

BYU’s Ad Lab has been utilized by Nike, Yahoo, GM, and Verizon to develop national marketing campaigns.

Alumni Updates

Alumni Updates

Sparking Change Through Dance

Broadway performer Shaun Parry helps impoverished youth worldwide inspire change and learn life skills through dance.

Alumni Updates

Looking Back

Looking back at some exciting BYU milestones from 125 years ago up to the present.

Alumni Updates

Rediscovering a Lost Art

BYU alum Christian Anderson spends his time rediscovering the Anasazi's lost techniques for making pottery.

Alumni Updates

They The Builders

Two sisters and BYU alumni wrote a comprehensive history book on women's role in building America.

Alumni Updates

More Than Window Dressing

BYU alum started sewing when she was nine. Now, she runs a bustling custom drapery business inside her home.

Alumni Updates

Christmas Gifts of Work

A family helps those in need by commissioning nativities, helping 90 artisans and raising over $66,000 for charity.