Spring 2017 Issue



Flight of the Mary Bee

Discouraged from dancing as a child, BYU’s International Folk Ensemble founder turned her dreams into reality.


Four BYU Mementos

See what taught a VP to have courage, lean on others, trust in visions, and believe in God’s ability to bless.


When the Light Goes Out

In a time when young adults seek help for anxiety and depression like never before, BYU experts offer advice—and hope.



Creating Citizens

Public schools not only prepare a workforce, they also create a citizenry.

First Person

Memories in Store

In alumni memories, the BYU Store is an amalgamation of the smell of books, jalapeno bagels, fudge, and . . . love?

Family Focus

Reading to Teach

A subtle tale can inspire young readers to think, feel, and grow.

At the Y

At the Y

Goodbye, Skyline Icon

Bid farewell to the Y smokestack south of the Wilk. Its removal makes way for a green energy facility.

At the Y

Island of the Forgotten

The heartbreaking exile of Hawaiians suffering from leprosy (now known as Hansen's disease) breeds faith and unity.

At the Y

118 Years of Hoops History

The new Hall of Honor has everything Cougar fans need to relive their favorite BYU hoops memories.

At the Y

Twelve Dot Zero Zero

A high-pressure lab prepares journalism students for the frenetic world of broadcast journalism.

At the Y

Q&A: Families of Faith

Families of faith—Christian, Jewish, and Muslim—actually share the same core benefits.

At the Y

The Pursuit of Nap-iness

What corner of campus is best for rest? Reader answers, spanning decades and buildings, didn’t disappoint.

At the Y

Not Your Average Joes

Five BYU students have become Philippines heartthrobs with 50 million views.

At the Y

Devotion in the Details

A work once lost to the art world is now among the most prized holdings at the BYU Museum of Art.

Alumni News

Alumni News

More Than True

Newbery picker Gene Nelson says there is more to Potter, Frodo, and dragons than fantasy.

Alumni News

Seven Summits, Seven Seas

This adventurous alum holds a record as the only person to complete not one, but two daring feats.

Alumni News

A Merciful Judge

After seeing the same offenders in court for the 10th time, an alum decided to shake up the court.

Alumni News

Mighty Baking

A self-taught baker defied the odds—twice—to win Food Network’s Cake Wars.

Alumni News

100 Days of Rejection

Life gives everyone lemons. But who goes around looking for more? This TEDx-speaking alum.

Alumni News

From Kolkata to Provo

At BYU, Hindu Pritha Lal found a completely alien environment—but one thing laced home and campus together.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

The More the Mary-er

How do you improve upon “practically perfect”? See how BYU brought Mary Poppins to life.

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