Fall 2015 Issue



A Monumental Task

On a plateau in Jordan, an epic effort is underway to protect a treasured monument.


A Flight to Remember

BYU’s College of Nursing adopted the national Honor flight program to better train students in veteran care.


Ann’s Unexpected Journey

A peacemaker by nature, Ann Romney has found her voice on a national stage, fighting for the causes she believes in.


Failing Successfully

Fear of failure should not keep us from trying new and hard things in our quest for perfection, says President Worthen.


First Person

Tales from the Cougareat

Waiting in line or between bites of lunch, students make memories in campus's food hub.

At The Y

At the Y

The First Mormon Movie

Museumgoers enjoy Christensen’s Mormon Panorama, a collection of 22 monumental murals.

At the Y

Coveted Clothing

Check out some of the most sought-after BYU T-shirts—badges of honor that students earn through competition or challenge

At the Y

In Pursuit of Holo-Fame

David Smalley, the ultimate Trekkie and Skywalker fan, is going to make Leia holographic video a real thing.

At the Y

Unleash the Drones

BYU is among the frontrunners in Unmanned Air Vehicle research and is paving the way for a future with autonomous drones

Alumni News

Alumni News

A Place to Belong

A family advocates for children with special needs and their families after having a daughter with Down syndrome.

Alumni News

A Rabbi, Priest, or Teacher

Seven questions for Brad Wilcox, the in-demand religion teacher and EFY, Women’s Conference, and Education Week speaker.

Out of the Blue