Fall 2003 Issue



BYU Mint Brownies

Finally, cravings for these cool treats can be satisfied straight from your own kitchen.


BYU Today

BYU Today

Blue Students on a Red Planet

BYU students don space suits and simulate trips to Mars in Hanksville, Utah, to prepare for future martian exploration.

BYU Today

For the Public Good

The lessons Carolina Núñez learns in law school quickly find a place in people's lives.

Book Nook

Alumni Report

After All

Alumni Resources

Works and Progress

Works and Progress

Environmental Tattletales

Using unpretentious lichens, a BYU professor monitors air quality the natural way.

Alumni Updates

Alumni Updates

Miracles for Children

Mick Shannon, founder of the Children's Miracle Network, raises millions of dollars for children's hospitals.

College Updates

Speaker's Notes