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World Harmony

Jana Farr

Jana Farr

By Jonathan A. Gibson, ’03

In October 2001, Jana Farr, ’00, from Bountiful, Utah, with the help of others, gathered select children’s choirs from different countries to the Church of Jesus Christ’s Conference Center in Salt Lake City to create “Voices of Friendship.”

“The whole purpose was to be an expression of friendship, a world friendship celebration,” says Farr. “I don’t know of any way to celebrate that better than through singing and dance.” The event was broadcast to all of the Olympic countries.

Farr’s love of music grew from playing the piano at a young age to singing and performing in downtown Salt Lake City when she was older. “There is nothing like music to lift people’s hearts, to inspire, and to communicate across all barriers,” says Farr.

At BYU Farr studied music and international studies and worked with the World Family Policy Center. These talents in music and international relations, combined with a love of people and service, sparked the creation of “Voices of Friendship.” “Many of the experiences of my life have come together in this project,” says Farr, who gives credit for the success of the project to all the volunteers.

Farr now works full-time on continuing the “Voices of Friendship” project.