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Women’s Studies Reorganized

BYU has realigned its women’s studies programs and, in the process, created a new $25,000 grant available annually to faculty and students researching women’s issues. The grant honors former Relief Society general president Emmeline B. Wells. The reorganization will also enable BYU to offer 10–15 new grants per year of up to $5,000 each for research pertaining to women. These new funds more than triple the amount of funding available across campus for research into women’s issues. Academic Vice President John S. Tanner says he believes “this arrangement will encourage more faculty members to produce high-quality women’s studies scholarship and will facilitate the discussion and visibility of this research.” Based upon the recommendation of an interdisciplinary advisory committee, the university also discontinued the Women’s Research Institute (WRI) and moved the women’s studies minor to the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, where it is now overseen by Renata Tonks Forste (BS ’84), who is chair of the Sociology Department. All classes associated with the minor are continuing to be offered. In addition, an interdisciplinary faculty committee is being formed to reinvigorate the minor.

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