First Person

Wanted: Work Experiences

By Charles D. Cranney, ’80, Associate Executive Editor

I must have had the cushiest student job ever my senior year—the campus tour coordinator. I dined in the Skyroom with VIPs. I was the one who started using battery-powered touring carts on the sidewalks. My most memorable work experience was being stationed at the president’s home one peaceful evening as I watched then president Dallin H. Oaks help an enfeebled President Spencer W. Kimball out of the car. Putting his arm around him and pointing to the half-constructed Kimball tower, President Oaks said, “We’re going to name that building after you.”

But student work usually isn’t so glamorous. At an earlier job I cleaned thick grease off the floor of an auto-repair shop many a late night. But working odd jobs at odd hours to make ends meet is just part of the college experience. We want to hear your student-work stories—the good, the bad, and the greasy. Send your stories to First Person, BYU Magazine, 209 UPB, Provo, UT 84602 (e-mail:; fax: 801-378-5669).

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