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No School Like the Old School

Out with the new, in with the old could be Bronco Mendenhall’s motto. On April 1, Mendenhall, with the help of former coach R. LaVell Edwards (EdD ’78), presented new old-style BYU football uniforms. Based on designs from the program’s glory days, the football uniforms and helmets will be immediately recognizable to longtime Cougar fans.

Cougars Uniform

In a return to tradition, blue and white jerseys will display names and players will receive helmet decals for notable performances both on and off the field. Photo by Mark Philbrick.

When he was named BYU‘s new football coach, Mendenhall set his focus firmly on the traditions from the team’s glory days, including its look. “This is about honoring tradition,” he said at the uniform’s unveiling press conference. “This is about respect for and accountability to the coaches and players who have made BYU one of the national pillars of college football.”

Mick J. Hill (BA ’88), BYU football equipment manager, approves of the dark blue and white retro uniforms, which include old-style helmets with the traditional performance decals.

“I like this uni,” he said. “It’s very classic and simple, patterned after the uniforms worn here in the ’80s—the glory days.”

“The impact of the uniforms won’t be seen or felt until the team takes the field for the first game in September. That is when people will really see it,” said Hill.

Running back Curtis Brown (’06), said, “I think they are awesome. I think they are more important than just the way they look; it’s a daily reminder of what we represent and what our goals are.”