First Person

Moola for Your Memories

Recollect your days at BYU; if your story is published in the magazine, you’ll collect $50.

Upcoming topics are

Spring 2006: Share a Stor-Y. Nothing says BYU quite so succinctly (or largely) as the famous block Y that presides over campus from the mountain to the east. In 2006 the beloved campus symbol turns 100. Did you hike the Y? Paint the Y? Get warm fuzzies every time it was illuminated? We want to hear your stories. Deadline: Feb. 6.

Summer 2006: Parlez-Vous? Sprechen Sie? ¿Se Habla? Sure BYU is known as Quarterback U, but it might just as well be called Language U for all the language diversity on campus. We want to hear your language-learning stories—your funny mistakes, the insights you gained watching International Cinema, and your memoirs of language immersion on study abroad or in foreign language student housing. Deadline: May 8.

Send anecdotes (of up to 300 words) to Submissions may be edited for length, grammar, appropriateness, and clarity. Submissions not included in the magazine may be used on the BYU Magazine Web site.

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