125 years ago: 

Eight years after the founding of Brigham Young Academy, the school’s library collection has grown to 496 volumes and 2,082 periodicals.

Su08_3153100 years ago:
BYU employee Brigham T. Higgs persuades BYU president George H. Brimhall to hire student employees as janitors.

1993 men's basketball team

1993 men’s basketball team

75 years ago
Elwood S. Romney (BS ’33), BYU’s first All-American basketball player, helps the Cougars beat the University of Wyoming for the conference championship.

50 years ago:
To start the school year, the university holds a Sunday-night fireside—the model for later firesides, which would be held on the first Sunday of each month and draw more than two-thirds of the university’s faculty and student body.

25 years ago:
In a much-hyped game, BYU defeats the University of Utah 55-7 at Cougar Stadium.

Su08_315510 years ago:

The Eyring Science Center reopens after two years of renovations. The upgraded building features an additional 5,000 square feet and includes new labs, offices, equipment, and a restaurant.

5 years ago:
President Merrill J. Bateman concludes his seven-year tenure as president of BYU and is reassigned to serve as one of the Presidents of the Seventy; Elder Cecil O. Samuelson of the Seventy succeeds Bateman as the new president of BYU.