100 years ago: Jesse Knight donates 500 acres of land on the Provo Bench to Brigham Young University. The land’s value is estimated at nearly $50,000.

75 years ago: Students can no longer sign a note promising to pay tuition by the end of the quarter—$10 of the $70 yearly fee is required as a down payment.

50 years ago: BYU establishes a doctoral program in clinical psychology, the university’s first doctoral program.

25 years ago: Jeans are added to the list of attire approved for women on campus.

10 years ago: Independent Study offers courses over the Web for the first time.

5 years ago: President Merrill J. Bateman dedicates the Milton A. Barlow Center in Washington, D.C. The center provides housing and classrooms for students attending the Washington Seminar.

I O U Doctoral Program Provo Bench

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