1 of 2: Raising Hell, oil on panel, 8″ × 10″. Art by Emily Fox King.
2 of 2: The Still Good Life, oil on canvas, 16″ × 20″. Art by Emily Fox King.

“I was driven to painting,” Emily Fox King (MFA ’10) says of her childhood in Washington state. “It was a need.” With artists on both sides of her family and free access to her mom’s craft room, King found fertile soil for her creativity. Her BYU MFA also nurtured her: “I had a little nest, an art family, including teachers, that gave me so much support,” she recalls. 

Today she’s a sought-after artist known for her stunning floral paintings. “I stumbled on florals as I considered my femininity,” she says, explaining, “I like the variety, the abstraction, and how flowers can hide things as well as signify different meanings.” King takes pleasure in “seeing something turn out well,” though she admits that in painting, as in life, not everything is a success. “Some things turn out, and some don’t, but I love to see what will happen.” 

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