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Illustrating Mormonsim

Illustrating MormonsimEdited by Roy A. Prete (MA ’71, PhD University of Alberta ’79; Carma Taylor [BA ’68]; Kingston, Ontario, Canada), The Mormons: An Illustrated History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gives a pictorial overview of the Church for a broad audience. The brief chapters by LDS scholars include such topics as Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation, the Restoration, service, family history, temples, and missionary work. BYU religion faculty Richard O. Cowan, John P. Livingstone (EdD ’86), and Craig J. Ostler (BA ’77, MEd ’79, PhD ’95) served as associate editors on the book. An emeritus professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, Prete has edited six books, ranging from LDS perspectives on world history to preparing for life after retirement.

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