There’s no question that in four-plus years BYU graduates have accomplished a lot. The educational value of some of their activities, however, could be debated.

Mint brownies consumed: 158

Shane H. Larsen (BS ’07), Draper, Utah, Mechanical Engineering Master’s and MBA

All-nighters pulled: 75

Brittany N. Sweeney (’10), Turlock, Calif., Humanities

Calories burned on the rb stairs: 330,000

Amy E. Nagle (’10), Southington, Conn., Exercise Science

Testing center tests taken: 147

Jonathan D. Laudie (’10), Pleasant Grove, Utah, Finance

Intramural games played: not enough to win a t-shirt

R. Tyler Lemmon (’10), Glendora, Calif., Finance

Money spent on first dates that did not yield second dates: $1,184.67

Marcus A. Nelson (’10), Las Vegas, Political Science

Words written: 120,000

Kaylee Holyoak Larsen (’10), Cortland, Ill., Leisure Service Management

Amount spent in vending machines: $300

Gayle R. Larsen (’10), Rexburg, Idaho, Dietetics

Roommates lived with: 16

Lisa K. Lee (’10), Fair Oaks, Calif., Marriage, Family, and Human Development

Pounds of books carried: 13,500

Matthew C. Neuenswander (’10), Columbus, Ohio, Accounting

DTRs (“define the relationship” conversations) had: 22

Travis C. Lott (’10), Torrington, Conn., Construction Management

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BYU Mint Brownies

Finally, cravings for these cool treats can be satisfied straight from your own kitchen.

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