Grand Dad Clock

Drew N. Soderborg, ’04, was selected as a finalist at a recent furniture-design competition for his “Grand Dad Clock.”

Engineering and Technology

Students in BYU’s School of Technology took four first-place finishes for their furniture designs at a recent national competition in Anaheim, Calif., sponsored by the Association of Woodworking and Furniture Suppliers.

Eighteen colleges and universities from the United States and Canada submitted 80 pieces of original furniture for the competition and juried exhibition. Of these, 30 were selected as finalists for the exhibition, a third of which were from BYU.

Kip W. Christensen, ’80, a BYU professor of industrial design who teaches furniture-design courses, says the students should be proud of their work. “This is the first time since the mid-’80s that we’ve offered these courses in furniture design,” he says. “And though we’re pleased to have four first-place wins, to have one-third of the finalists be from BYU speaks to the quality of work coming from these students.”


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