Just West of May Hall, Building 9: The new Helaman Halls Building 9 opened in August 2010, adding 238 beds to Helaman Halls’ total occupancy. All of the rooms are accessible to the disabled. A sign of the times: the rooms do not have phone jacks due to the number of students with cell phones.

BYU Bliss: BYU employees are some of the nation’s happiest university employees. CareerBliss.com ranked BYU no. 3 behind Auburn, no. 2, and Wichita State, no. 1.

No More Fence-Sitting: BYU students must now declare a major by the time they earn 75 BYU credit hours and are required to seek permission to change their major once they’ve earned 90 BYU credit hours (120 credit hours are needed to graduate).

Tuition Increases: Undergraduate tuition for the 2011–12 academic year will rise by 3.2 percent, bringing one semester of tuition to $2,280.

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