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Call For Award Nominations

Some of BYU’s most prestigious alumni honors are the Distinguished Service, Service to Family, and Honorary Alumni Awards. Recipients are recognized at Homecoming each year.

The Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for the 2004 alumni awards; the deadline for nominations is Friday, Feb. 27.

The Distinguished Service Award is given to BYU alumni who have given outstanding service to their profession, community, nation, or church. Service to Family Award recipients are selected for outstanding service rendered in a home environment, including to extended family. The award may be given to an individual or a family.

The Honorary Alumni Award is for those who have not attended BYU but who have rendered outstanding and significant service to the university.

Consideration will be given to all nominations but especially to those that provide concise yet detailed information regarding the nominee’s accomplishments and how they meet the award criteria.

Nominations may be made by anyone, and there is no limit to the number of nominations an individual may make. BYU employees, Alumni Association board members, Church missionaries and General Authorities, and government officials are not eligible. General Authorities should not be contacted for letters of support.

Info: Nomination forms are available online at or through the Alumni Association (1-800-437-4663). Mail nominations to BYU Alumni Awards, 243 Alumni House, Provo, UT 84602. They may also be faxed to 801-422-0537. For additional information contact Nancy Carson at 801-422-6748.

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