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British Composer’s Musical Legacy Donated to BYU

Though people may not recognize his name as easily as the names Bach or Beethoven, almost all would recognize his music, like the theme song for “Murder She Wrote.” The memorabilia of this British composer, Academy Award-winner John Addison, is now being housed at BYU. Almost a half-century of work is represented in the collection, which includes music from 70 motion pictures, more than 20 stage productions, and many television shows as well as ballet and full orchestral works. “The breadth of this man’s ability amazes me,” said James V. D’Arc, director of the BYU Arts and Communications Archives, who obtained the collection for the university. Among Addison’s many accomplishments are an Academy Award and an Emmy. He has also worked with renowned directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and has conducted his music with the Royal Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra.